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Privacert Appliance

Often an organization needs to share person-level data keeping as much detail in the data as possible while still making sure the information is sufficiently de-identified. This can be a difficult task. On the one hand, the dataset has to remain useful. On the other hand, people whose information is contained in the dataset should not be re-identifiable. One of the best possible ways to maintain both usefulness and privacy protection in shared data is to use a Privacert Appliance.

The Privacert Appliance is a "certification box" that can reside at your location. It provides a "privacy wall" where identifiable records are provided as input to the Privacert Appliance, and the resulting records from the Privacert Appliance are sufficiently de-identified and certified as being in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. The resulting data can then be shared freely.

There are no knobs, settings or controls (other than the power switch) to operate at your location. You just plug it in and pipe your dataset through it. The Privacert Appliance is pre-wired to operate on your dataset, based on the known vulnerabilities found in a HIPAA Risk Assessment on your dataset.

Without a Privacert Appliance, your organization may be forced to make crude decisions on which data elements to share or on what version of values can be shared. Such decisions may render the data useless because decisions are strictly limited to database operations available to your organizations, such as removing digits from all ZIP codes or providing age ranges rather than full dates. In contrast, a Privacert Appliance makes minimal, fine-grain edits only to records known to generate a privacy risk. Doing so provides resulting information that is far less distorted than traditional methods, and therefore more details remain in the data. A Privacert Appliance maintains the usefulness of the data while aslo making sure each record is sufficiently de-identified in accordance to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

If you are interested in a Privacert Appliance, contact a Privacert representatives at info@privacert.com, who will walk you through the process. The first step will be a Risk Assessment.

For more information, see Privacert Appliance Specification Sheet (Printable PDF)

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