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HIPAA Demonstration
of Privacert Appliance

Privacert, Inc. provides a Privacert Appliance, which allows an organization to share person-level data that maintains as much detail in the data as possible while still making sure the information is sufficiently de-identified under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Below is an example using a problem list from data drawn from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Original data
sample from a problem list
HIPAA Safe Harbor
This is the de-identified version of the data prescribed by regulation. ZIP is horribly distorted.
Privacert Appliance provides best results! Note: these results are particular to these data values and geography. Results for other datasets and other geographical locations vary.
Datafly 1st option
preserving 5-digit ZIP
Datafly 2nd option
preserving 5-digit ZIP
Datafly option
preserving Date of Birth (DOB)
Datafly option
preserving Race
Datafly option
preserving Sex

Above is a comparison of results . Each row appears in the same order as the original. [For anonymity purposes, Datafly would normally change the order of appearance of the rows in the table, but for demonstration purposes, the row positions are maintained above.]

The Privacert Appliance results are compliant with HIPAA! No distortion was necessary for this dataset and geography. This is possible scientifically by a concept known as conservation of anonymity, as developed by Dr. Sweeney at Carnegie Mellon University. The Privacert Appliance is pre-configured to compute the same amount of overall anonymity provided by the HIPAA safe harbor provision while preserving more detail in useful fields. As a result, more useful details remain in this dataset than typically possible with the HIPAA Safe Harbor provision. While the results shown are particular to the given dataset and geography, and results for other datasets and other geographical locations vary, typically the Privacert Applicance provides the most detailed possible while remaining compliant with HIPAA.

The Datafly options also allows more information to remain than was found with the HIPAA Safe Harbor, but not as much detail as possible with a Privacert Appliance. The Datafly System uses k-anonymity, also developed by Dr. Sweeney at Carnegie Mellon University, as the scientific basis of its protection model.

More information about: Privacert technologies.


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